More then asset management

Automatic software and hardware inventory, licence management, software audit, asset management, barcodes, remote station management, bulk (un-)installations and more.



MagikAUDIT collects information from computers in your network. This is the information without which especially nowadays can IT manage very difficult. Current list of installed applications with information in the case of commercial or open source software, combined with a very detailed and clear records of licenses essential for the proper and effective use of resources for expensive software licenses. Likewise, the bulk HW reports will help you not only to renovate the computers in your organization, but also necessary when dealing with small but time-consuming hardware problems for users. You do not even have to bother with complaints of users on low disk space or a slow computer. With the information you get with MagikAUDIT reveal the causes of problems quickly and easily.


MagikAUDIT serves not only for accurate SW and HW inventory, but also includes comprehensive asset management to help you keep track of not only computers but all other IT devices. At your fingertips you will have information about where the asset is located, to whom the asset is entrusted and what its history is. Of course, it is possible to print the protocols for the assets or the complete list of the assets entrusted to the user. Service tools such as repair records, or setting and checking for periodic actions such as revisions are available.


One of the main tasks of MagikAUDIT is to collect information about computers on your network regularly. As part of a software audit, all of the software present on computers is scanned, whether installation or forgotten copies of programs. Hardware hardware, including serial numbers or collection of user's multimedia files, is also scanned. Auditing can be fully automated and run at regular intervals or whenever you need online over TCP / IP. You can also use Internet scans (FTP) or local scans (USB).


The passport protocols are two main tasks in the IT context. The first is the transfer of responsibility for the installed software to the user signing the computer passport protocol, including its SW and HW equipment. The second task is to guard the property as such, when any change or addition of property is clearly documented and signed by the user. MagikAUDIT includes a set of ready-made print reports and also templates for editing and customizing.


Binding with Microsoft Active Directory is by no means a prerequisite for the deployment and full use of MagikAUDIT. However, it brings a number of benefits that can help to accelerate the deployment and ease of IT asset management. For example, Active Directory can be used to install agents with GPO, or to load and control computers from AD, or to synchronize users and automatically link them to scanned computers.


The Remote deployments module includes tools for remote, bulk, address and scheduled actions such as software installation and uninstallation, deleting, copying, scripting, or command lines. An advantage over tools of a similar type is the ease of setup, the ability to run various files (not only msi), dependency settings, hierarchy and timing of distributions as well as accurate and clear feedback (where, how, when on which computers the action was performed, and with what result ).


MagikAUDIT also contains useful tools for remote computer management. For example, you can control the command line or scan the availability of selected ports on remote computers. The remote control will allow you to take the remote computer screen and perform the tasks just as you would directly sit at the remote computer.