You will know what is going on PCs

Precise PC and user monitoring. You will know what is user doing on PC. Info about applications, memory and CPU usage. You can setup alerts. You can block selected programs and websites, make USB pendrive whitelist and more.



The MagikMONITOR module gets information about the actual usage of applications and the use of the internet in the organization. With accurate application tracking, you can significantly reduce the cost of software licenses. For example, you can easily see how many users have actively used CAD tools to work for the selected period, or how much time users spend on the internet outside of work. Internet access is monitored from all major browsers like Internet Explorer, MS Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome.


An accurate and detailed report showing user activity together for applications and websites chronologically. This is a very accurate snapshot of the business day from the time the user log in to the time user log out.


Comparison of users according to the proportion of effective and inefficient use of working time. It contains information about the absolute and relative time spent by users on work or office applications, on the other hand, the time spent on extra-work activities (time out of work in total, but also by activity, eg games or multimedia programs). Part of the report is also the time spent on the Internet (total time spent on total internet activity, on social networks, etc.).


Whether it is a local or network printer, the MagikMONITOR provides you with a complete overview of the entire organization's printing. It can help you discover and then reduce printing costs by individual printers or also reveal a large proportion of private prints. Information such as user printing, printer name, time of printing, name of file sent to the printer, count of pages or color are collected.


You can easily find out which users use USB flash drives full of portable applications, vacation photos, or music. And in case of data leakage, you can find out who and when you downloaded the files from the corporate network. You can also proactively prevent data leakage from private USB flash drives when a selected group of users is banned from connecting a USB drive, or you can only enable authorized USB flash drives according to the serial number.


With MagikMONITOR, you can also block some of the user's activities, such as blocking forbidden applications, banning www servers, or blocking USB memory connections. From the point of view of computer usage, thresholds can be set for the CPU, memory, and disk space to be used, and to send emails when these thresholds are exceeded.


The monitoring outputs can be viewed both in the application and on the web portal. At both locations you will find a variety of assemblies and graphs. Different levels of authority are supported, for example, heads of departments can only monitor their subordinate staff. Positive monitoring can also be set, ie access for users to outputs only their own activities.