More then HELPDESK

Modern web system designed to rule communication across entire company. Unlimited categories depth, ITIL instpired, simple ticket workflow, mail integration, information about computer SW and HW and more.



The MagikHELPDESK web module helps manage user requests. This module ensures user satisfaction with problem-solving, creates a knowledge base to address recurring problems, helps improve the organization of work of the IT department, and can save a lot of time. Thanks to MagikHELPDESK, there is simply no user requirement to set up. You will get perfect control over every task you have solved.


MagikHELPDESK unifies all essential communication channels like web, email and phone. Therefore, you can enter the requirements not only through the web form but also simply sending the email, including the attachments. Even these requests are placed in the database and are prepared for the solution by the responsible investigators. Checking the status of the request solution is ensured by an email notification that can be configured exactly according to your requirements using the configurator.


ITIL's fundamentals are based on the principles that lead to the continuous improvement of the quality of IT management services. The MagikHELPDESK module respects these principles and provides tools and processes that enhance the quality of IT support and management, such as setting the maximum time for meeting requirements by category or evaluating the work of the solvers.


Setting the frequency and severity of the priorities of the requirements according to each category exactly according to the SLA specification, including the reflection of the working time of the solvers in the given categories. The advantage is transparency, the user is acquainted with the deadline until when his request will be solved according to the SLA and the solver is evaluated for solving the requirements only in the context of his working hours


The category and service catalog settings are fully directed by the service department. The right definition and the ability to create an unlimited tree structure simplifies the user request, and also specifies the requirement to be ranked up to the required lowest level. Each category can also include a link to the user's location, separate set priorities, set of user fields or working hours.


The MagikHELPDESK module contains a wide range of reports and statistics that are primarily intended for managers to evaluate the information they receive. These include, for example, the frequency of requests by categories, solvers, priorities or statuses for the selected period, or the speed assessment of requirements in the category or directly behind the solver and many others.


MagikHELPDESK allows a wide range of settings and customization to meet the requirements of your organization. For example, the ability to accept requests, evaluate user solutions, approve requests, or allow cost accounting can be set. The MagikHELPDESK module is also developed for multilingual use. The entire intranet portal automatically switches to the local language of the user who is running the system.


MagikHELPDESK is integrated with MagikAUDIT and MagikMONITOR. According to the roles and permission settings, the administrator can view the SW and HW configuration of the requestor's computer. The manager has the opportunity to look at complete computer records and the head of the department can monitor activity on his subordinate employees.